Finally, LDF knocks Red skins

By: Ntova Ramokhele

Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) and Red Skins men volleyball teams played in a gusty day on Saturday at Police Training College (PTC) in a game that ended as 3-2, LDF leading.

It is not a challenge anymore to LDF players because they already know that almost every final match they play with Red skins.

LDF VC (2)
LDF volleyball team

“I am not indeed pleased with our performance, I am just excited for the win”, said LDF player Mr Malefane Malataliana.

Red skins has more exposure than other teams, it is also the best team in Lesotho that has played outside the country, Zimbabwe and Egypt.

“We are a committed and hardworking team which gives us more initiative to dominate all these teams.” Mr Mofokeng Thoto Red skins player explained.

He continued to say that, what worked for them is that they got a chance to practice together because their team is comprised of LDF members. Although they knew that, their match with Red skins was not going to be easy but they had to stand firm.

Even though LDF won the final match, Red Skins still holds position one in the league because they lead LDF with many points, therefore Red skins position still stands.

It was impressive that Red Skins lost to LDF of which it was their first time. What makes Red skins more dynamic is that, they compete with competitive teams outside the country.

“Hence, to them (Red Skins) it was just a practice”, said Thoto.

Red skins and LDF prepare themselves for the Zone VI Club Championship that will be held in Durban, South Africa whereby Red Skins qualified because they appear in position one last year and LDF position two it the same year.

He conclude that they cannot host zone VI tournament in Lesotho because there are no indoor game facilities.

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