Leshoella aspires for Likuena player

 By: Rethabile Theko

A 21-year-old soccer player Tebelo Leshoella’s greatest ambition is to play for Lesotho national team in two years to come.

Swallows FC players

Leshoella was born on September 3, 1997 at Ha Paki, Mazenod in Maseru district. He had interest in sports at his childhood stage.

He played soccer at the age of three with passion at Pre-school.

“I love soccer, my country and with talent that God has granted me with I want to see myself playing for national team,” Leshoella stated.

Leshoella suggests that he believes his appearance in the national team, Lesotho will qualify for Fifa World Cup.

“I have played Swallows football club development – Makoea FC at the age of ten. In 2015/16 I was promoted to Swallows FC and it was on B Division by then”, said Leshoella.

Leshoella is his first time to play in the Premier League this season with Mazenod based swallows. He has performed well since his first appearance with Swallows FC while it was on B Division.

The team was promoted to A Division in the next season while currently Swallows is in the premier league after being relegated from senior league in 2010/11.

Leshoella was awarded a young player of the tournament in 2015 at Lepota Winter Soccer Tournament. He was playing for BASA FC while he was crowned young player of the tournament.

His team BASA FC was defeated in the semi-finals.

In an interview with Leshoele he mentioned that he is pleased with his performance on account that some teams have interest in him. One of them is Matlama FC. This will build his football experience because Matlama is one of the highly experienced teams in the country.

Leshoella is a student at Centre for Accounting Studies. He also has graduated for the Accounting Technician certificate.

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