Lesotho netball team crash in AUSC Region 5 games

Lesotho netball team made it hard way in AUSC Region 5 under 20 youth games held in Botswana since December, 6 this year.

In the first game Malawi beat Lesotho 60 – 30.

This game was not easy to defeat by Lesotho. Malawian goal scorer tall girl gave Basotho tough time. All their balls would be directed to that player who scored 99 percent of them.

IMG-20181208-WA0037 (2)
Lesotho ladies soccer team

Because of her height she was advantageous; Lesotho players could not manage to utilize short balls because as far as the long ones were concerned it was a mountain to climb. As a result, they were badly punished.

In the next game Lesotho went down by 35 – 53 to Zambia. One believed in this game Lesotho could retaliated the loss to the first match but it was not possible.

From there Lesotho was beaten 51 to 33 by Zimbabwe today. All these games took place at the University of Botswana sports arena.

On the ladies soccer game played at the national stadium yesterday Lesotho suffered 3 – 0 lost to Zimbabwe. Lesotho team seemed to be under pressure, while their counterparts were on top.

Praynance Zvawanda scored two goals. First goal was scored at 13th minute of the game and the second one at 74th minute.

The third goal was netted by Evermore Mutandwa at the first half.

As a result, Zvandwa was awarded man of the match (Woman of the match).

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