Four LBA committee members resign

The Lesotho Basketball President Mr Francis Adris issued a statement about the resignation of four executive members last week.

He showed that the meeting which was supposed to have gathered on Thursday last week members’ turnover was very poor. As a result he called off the meeting.

Some of the LBA referees

“The meeting could not take place due to quorum not being met,’’ said the statement.

This tribulation was followed by the resignation letters from four committee members being: Director Women in Sport Relebohlile Lebatla, Director Referees and table officials Bokang Pharela, Public Relations Officer Ntoko Marake and Director Development Fako Masupha.

“In a situation like this the most honourable thing to do is to prepare for a general congress to decide on the way forward. It is regrettable to receive four resignations at the same time in an association like LBA”, continued the President of LBA

He therefore promised to issue further statement in due course.

Former Public Relations Officer Mr Ntoko Maraka confirmed to Lesotho Sports Blizz that he has resigned as a PRO from LBA.

In a letter he wrote to LBA executive committee Maraka said he has been deprived information of competitions since the establishment of the new committee by the Vice President (Director of competitions) of LBA.

“I tried on several occasions to notify the relevant office that I need plans prior to events so that I can publicize and educate the general public as prescribed by the constitution of LBA. But to no effect, the VP disregarded me.

“I am humbly stepping down with all the honor of the gown to be the executive member who has failed to deliver as expected due to bad communication between members of the committee”, said Maraka.

He concluded by wishing the general assembly to elect members with intellectual ability to run the association perfectly in the future.


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