Softball team jets to RSA

Lesotho softball national team will participate in African softball qualifiers in South Africa from January 9, 2019.

The host of this tournament is World Baseball and Softball Confederation. According to Lesotho Baseball and Softball Association (LBSA) public relations officer Mr Lisema Mapetla the world championship games would be held in June this year in a venue to be decided later.

lisema mapetla - lbsa pro
Mr Lisema Mapetla

Mapetla showed that there would not be prizes awarded after the games, but the winning teams would advance to the championship.

The selection criterion of the national team was done in open trials last year from September to December.

But LBSA experienced challenges of attendance, many players did not turn up due to work related and schools issues to mention a few.

Mapetla showed that it was not a difficult process to form the national team because players who managed to attend trials were easily selected during the last week of December.

“Selected players will fight, I do not have any doubt about them”, said Mapetla.

The PRO said games include women, however they did not succeed to have a women’s team due to poor attendance.

The PRO explained that there were few ladies who were able to partake in the open trials. As a result LBSA management committee decided to put women aside and focused on men.

“Our plan is to make sure that we focus on developing women this year, because we have realized that they drag their feet when they suppose to take part in sport”, continued Mapetla.

He said during 2017 both males and females participated effectively in softball but declined towards the end of 2018. He showed that universities and colleges would be targeted in order to attract more women to come on board.

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