Lesotho Pool results – 13.01.2019

Mabote Masters 9 vs Paramente 16, Caesars 25 vs Lifateng 0, Ciscos14 vs Pasco11, Molalana 14 vs Tsoasane Superstars 11, LDF13 vs Sekoele 12, PJ10 vs Manhattans15, LMPS 10 vs Yellow Tau15, Katlehong 7 vs Telemedia 18, Realeboha 0 vs Tornado 25.

Second Division

PRMTWO15 vs Team Black 10, Lechaeneng 13 vs Lovely Rock12, KTA12 vs Demo13, Basotho14 vs Riverside 11, Fastkill 13 vs Haesale12, Dynamites 11 vs Ctwo14, HFS17 vs Bakwena 8, Zizzlers14 vs Haewena 11, Elephants 25 vs Bubbles 0, Mookoli 0 vs Khachis 25

Mafeteng Results Sunday 13.01.19
Janky 14 vs Golden 11
Back Stage 5 vs Highlands 20

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