IPA Central Region draws annual plan

International Police Association – Central Region members meet at Victoria hotel pool side on Friday, January, 25.

central region - mr thaele (2)
Central Region Chairperson Mr Lefu Thaele


The purpose of the meeting is to draw regional annual work plan.

Chairperson of the region Mr Lefu Thaele explained that his committee will also disseminate information from the past IPA National Congress for the Lesotho section to the members and discuss the way forward.

“There are members that threatened to terminate membership of IPA due to their concerns. Therefore we are duty bound to discuss and resolve those issues so that members become happy in the association”, said Thaele.

He made it clear that this is the time that membership grows; as a result he would not fold his arms and watch members leave IPA for uncalled for reasons.

He further showed that at least 100 members or more are expected to attend the gathering at the hotel.

“The region will sell food to members and non members. People are expected to bring their own drinks and entrance is free”, continued the chairperson.

He said Central Region membership is more than 300 people.

Even though part of the agenda of that day is to plan the activities of this year, but their main objective for this year is to forge partnerships with various NGOs and government institutions.

“Members aspire to visit Mozambique and Swaziland this year which is subject to approval on Friday”, noted Thaele.

He concluded by saying that members from other regions would be highly accommodated in this big event, which apart from the meeting would end up with entertainment until late.

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