Police headquarters and Qacha’snek districts on the move – IPA- Lesotho

The newly elected district chairperson Mr Khojane Lebeoana said they had a successful meeting on January 25, 2019.

Mr Khojane Lebeoana

He said the aim was to close the vacant positions after other members were elected to the regional committee.

Lebeoana was the deputy chair of the previous district committee; therefore he was elevated to the upper position.

“The purpose of the meeting was to formulate the district annual plan”, said Lebeoana.

He showed that after recognizing that there are things that were not fulfilled in the past, therefore they would want to perform them this year.

But he anticipated that some of the activities might be picked by the regional committee.

Their work plan includes social responsibilities by cleaning the environment they are living in.

To promote unity and events that would bring members together in order to know each other.

The chairperson is adamant that they want to be financially independent, so that when they are engaged in educational trips they would be in a position to use those funds. As a result they will be involved into a couple of fundraising activities.

In the meantime Qacha’s nek district also met last weekend to formulate their annual work plan. Their activities include cleaning of Tebellong hospital and giving some gifts to children.

They have educational trips to Mohale dam and Durban in South Africa.

Fundraising would include back to school and back to 80s activities.

The chairperson of Qacha’snek district Ms Makeka told our publication that so far they have got 34 members in that district.

“Our big challenge is that most of our members do not have IPA attire”, she concluded.

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