IPA PHQ Region elects new committee

The last born Police Headquarters Region carried out its meeting at senior officers’ mess in Maseru Lesotho.

Mr Khojane Lebeoane

This meeting which was held on February, 2019 attracted many members.

The purpose of the gathering as stipulated by the elected chairperson was to create platform for the tabling of the work plans of districts which constitute PHQ Region.

Mr. Khojane Lebeoane told our publication that PHQ Region comprised of Special Operations Unit /Special Support Unit, PHQ and Police Training College.

He said elections of the new regional committee were one of the agenda items and the formulation of regional work plan.

“Among others, future activities include tour to Thaba – Bosiu in March, educational tour to Golden Gate in October and Mozambique as well”, said Lebeoane.

He further showed that fundraising initiatives like gala dinner would be engaged.

“All these activities are intended to promote solidarity among the members and market IPA in order to recruit new members as well as revitalization of inactivity members”, continued the chairperson.
“The meeting was a great success because all the districts indicated above were represented and the business of the day went according to plan”.

The new Regional Committee members stood thus:

1. Chairperson Mr. Lebeoana – PHQ
2. Deputy chairperson Mr. Hlapane – SOU
3. Secretary Ms Lebekoane – PHQ
4. Vice secretary Mrs. Shale/ Leuta – PTC
5. Treasurer Mrs. Hlojeng – PHQ
1. Ms Ramathebane
2. Mr. Letsika
3. Mr. Kanono
4. Ms Lenka


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