Lesotho rugby national league blooms

The Lesotho national rugby league is scheduled to kick off on February, 9 at Mabote grounds.

Mr Morapeli Motaung

Treasurer and acting public relations officer Mr Morapeli Motaung told Lesotho Sports Blizz that there are six male teams to scuffle in their league.

He noted that last year National University of Lesotho (NUL Spears) grabbed the league, while now Lesotho Defence Force leads the second round of the league.

The first round started last year, therefore after second round at the end of this year four best teams would battle it on at the play offs. Then the champion will be in place and the rest follow.

Motaung said they are in preparations for the ladies league. He said they will kick start in the middle of the year.

“Our ladies teams are coupled with high schools and universities students, therefore we have to wait for the schools to open so that they could start’, said Motaung.

He showed that the aim is to make sure that they finish before the examinations begin at the end of the year.

During the examinations period students do not get play time.

“For now we do not have sponsors, but they have promised that in future they will come on board”, he added.

When asked whether they encountered any challenges or not, he said.

“There were no much challenges because these teams are the same that competed last year. It is the continuation of what they started’.

He believes competition is very high. Motaung made an example of Liqhomane rugby team from LDF which is well experienced.

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