NUL Spears faces Qwaqwa

National University rugby teams (NUL Spears) will be at loggerhead with Qwaqwa on February, 16 this year.

The NUL team club chairperson Mr Alecs Kabo Basitang said they are going to play against Qwaqwa in South Africa. He showed that this is part of preparations for coming intervarsity games and the local league.

Alecs Basitang (2)
Mr Alecs Kabo Basitang

They requested them to bring two teams, men and women, so that they will be able to play two games.

They are also looking forward to have visitors from Botswana in the first week of March. Therefore, they are waiting for them to confirm, but failing which they will come at the end of this year.

Since the intervarsity games kick off from the 11th to the 15th March, 2019 in Lesotho, therefore these games will help them to bring Lesotho teams together. They will be in a position to identify where they are lacking and correct in time before the intervarsity games.

“We are taking these intervarsity games to the highest priority because we are hosting”, said Basitang.

He said last year they nearly got gold medal whereby they nearly beat Botswana because it is the team that usually gave them tough time.

“We would like to take gold home like we grabbed one from Swaziland and did not go to Botswana last year”, he added.

They are positioned number three and they want to change the side of the coin.

“It is not our first time we play such international friendly games”, said the chairperson.

He further confirmed that they do not have sponsors, but still have people who wish to offer sponsorship soon; hence they are waiting for them to sort their things.

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