IPA NEC holds series of meetings

The Lesotho International Police Association National Executive Committee meeting went well with Police Headquarters Region last Friday.

IMG_20190208_131100 (2).jpg
Mrs ‘Mamosa Hlao

This was the first meeting of the four regions in the country.

The aim of the visit to all of them is to address the administration issues. It is to remind IPA member as to why the IPA was formed in the world by the founder Sergeant Arthur Troop the British police officer.

Members are reminded about their obligations as Lesotho IPA -Section.

Sergeant Troop established this association because he believed that police should work for the community through friendship. They should have time to relax and share ideas about how do they perform their different duties in their respective countries.

Police share cultural aspects, social attributes and professional opportunities worldwide.

“We touched on our vision, having in mind as to what are the things that we want to build on”, said vice president administration Mrs ‘Mamosa Hlao.

“We discussed different roles and responsibilities of different portfolios of NEC. We want members to know the structures of IPA –Lesotho Section, so that whenever they want to take action they should know how to do it in a proper way”, she continued.

She said other regions to follow are North, South and the last one would be the Central Region.

“Responses considering attendance in terms of work related issues were good. They came with satisfactory numbers”, emphasized Hlao.

She further said their contributions were very constructive and showed that they want to see the growth of IPA-Lesotho Section.

One of the PHQ Region members Mr Tahleho Julius Matsoso said even though he is about to retire from the police service, but this is the avenue to associate with.

He said members of IPA refresh their minds in IPA activities so that when they go back to work they would be in a position to perform to the required standards.

“We visit places through IPA educational trips and entertain together”, He noted.

Mr Matsoso encouraged more police officers to join IPA.

“Even after my retirement I will still continue to be IPA member, because the rules and regulations of this association provide”, concluded Matsoso.

1 thought on “IPA NEC holds series of meetings

  1. We thank you so much NEC for reminding us who we are, do’s & dont’s. Keep up the good work


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