Tšepang optimistic to snatch Miss Lesotho

Miss Lesotho is a woman who has her own goals and views of her role within the society. This was said by the Chairperson of Beauty Pageants Association of Lesotho Mr Tlali Tlali.

IMG-20190219-WA0010 (2)
Ts’epang Mahanetsa

He noted that she supports the ideals and attributes of today’s woman.

Tlali emphasized this in an inclusive interview when he showed that his association is aiming to host Miss Lesotho on March 2, 2019 at Avani Maseru.

“12 girls are expected to compete in this endevour”, said Tlali.

He said Miss Lesotho falls annually and the winner represent Lesotho at Miss World competition.

The sponsors of the competition include Serene Flair Spar, Avani Maseru and Botle Mark.

Lesotho Sports Blizz approached one of the contestants.

A 20-years-old Miss Tšepang Mahanetsa a student at the National University of Lesotho (NUL) said it would be the third era she participates in such event.

She said she grabbed face of Matšekha and became the queen. Then after that she was Miss Tourism Lesotho first princes and Face of Patsi Investment, all of them in 2018.

When asked how she qualified for Miss Lesotho, she explained that she was part of the auditions and succeeded to be one of the 12 girls that would showcase at Avani Maseru.

She indicated that she will work hard to succeed, but if she does not she would have gained a lot of experiences.

Mahanetsa who partakes for the first time in Miss Lesotho encouraged other girls to come on board.

“Beauty pageant activities contribute to the development of government and an individual”, concluded Mahanetsa.

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