LCA premier league revitalization

Lesotho Cricket Association has embarked on a premier league reform process.

As a result of this effort all stakeholders in this sport which include coaches, empires, players and administrator are encouraged to participate in full force.

LCA President, Mr Sebajoa Sebajoa

The President of LCA Mr. Sebajoa Sebajoa told our publication that as part of revitalization they have organized tournament which will start on March 9 and ends on 23 this year.

The tournament will run for the three consecutive weekends at Leribe, Maseru and Roma.

Sebajoa invited diehards and potential sponsors to support cricket.

He said they want to start preparing the national team that will represent Lesotho next year outside the country and bring victory home.

The president showed that the International Cricket Council (ICC) has promised to conduct courses of coaches and empires in Lesotho in the near future. Coaches would be equipped with skills of grooming kids at their tender age.

He further attributed that coaches and administrators would convene their gathering. The aim is to contribute in the development of the cricket in the country.

He concluded by saying that some empires would be accessed with an opportunity to officiate games outside the country such as in Malawi, Botswana and other African countries.

In the meantime LCA annual general meeting which was supposed to be hosted last Saturday did not materialized due to the lack of quorum. This is due to the most of schools closure, because most of the membership of LCA emanate from different schools in the country.

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