Butha Buthe IPA recruits more members

International Police Association was founded by British Sergeant Arthur Troop in 1950.

Troop wanted to create channel for friendship, recreation and international co-operation.

Butha Buthe IPA members on cleaning campaign

As a result Lesotho is not exclusive. Therefore, Butha Buthe district members engaged in cleaning campaign on March 13, 2019.

According to the IPA district secretary Mr Tšeliso Ramutlanyane IPA members perform social responsibility amongst their activities that is why they found it proper to clean the surroundings of Butha Buthe police station today.

Ramutlanyane showed that before the campaign they lectured new police officers from Police Training College (PTC) in order to encourage them to become IPA members.

He said not all police officers are members, but they join the association voluntarily.

He stressed that cleaning campaign was part of the last year’s action plan, but did not materialized.

“We had planned to clean our offices in 2018 but due to reasons beyond our control we did not make it”, said the secretary.

He further noted that 15 new members including old and new police officers became members. This means that they have more than 80 IPA members, which is an achievement to their district.

Ramutlanyane told our publication that other police were enticed by many activities that they do most of the time. He made an example of educational tour to Durban in South Africa that they employed last year.

After that many police officers approached them and wanted to be part and parcel of IPA.

He concluded that activities included in this year’s plan are the hosting of road traffic check point on March 20. They will also visit Majara and Sekubung community and students who would be equipped with crime prevention measures.

On top of social responsibilities activities IPA take part in entertainment and dine together to portray friendship and relaxed environment after their stressful work.

Therefore, after that they would be in a position to serve their community with patriotism.

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