Matlama FC claims victory

By: Lilemo Matlotlo

Matlama Football Club (Tse Putsoa) advances to the semi-final of LNIG Top 8 in aggregate following their 1-1 draw with Lesotho Mountain Police Service Football Club (LMPS FC) at Maputsoe Difa ground, on Sunday.

Matlama FC

Tse Putsoa won 1- 0 against LMPS on their first leg which sees them progressing to the next round of the LNIG Top 8 with 2-1 in aggregate.

In the opening of the first half LMPS took a game from Matlama as Koloti Roboama shot wide the posts, but Matlama was the first side to break a deadlock when Lehlomela Ramabele scored in the 14th minute of the play.

However, LMPS leveled matters before the break as Motsoakela Ramasimong converted from Basia Makepe’s gross.

Speaking to the media team, Matlama’s head coach Mr. Thabile Secker said he is happy to advance to the next round though they did not play well.

“It’s a great feeling to advance to the next round but we didn’t perform well. Even in the first round the police were dominating and now they were dominating, well done they have a good team,” he said.

Secker added that LMPS was dominating at the middle of the park when they were distributing the ball.

He concluded that he is hopeful his team will gain a momentum in future. However, the efforts to get LMPS side were fruitless before going to print.

Matlama will face Lesotho Correctional Service Club on the April 6, 2019 in the semi-finals of LNIG Top 8, while Bantu Football Club (A Mats’o Matebele) will take on Lesotho Defence Football Club at Setsoto stadium.

The final game of this competition will take place on April 7, 2019 but time for semi-finals and final games to be confirmed later.

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