• Matlama vs Sefothafotha – Setsoto stadium
  • LCS vs Likhopo – Setsoto staduim


  • Bantu vs LDF – Setsoto stadium
  • Lioli vs Kick4Life – Setsoto stadium

On the 23.03.19 four teams would be at logger head at Mantšonyana. Teams that won above would be joined by two teams from Mantšonyana and Thaba Tseka for the final encounter. After that all four clubs would go away with M100, 000 each.

Metropolitan LVA 2019 league Mini Tournament 1 fixtures to be played at Hlotse, Leribe 16th – 17th March 2019.

Pool A
1. Rovers vs Green Spikes
2. H-Flow vs Redskins
3. Redskins vs Green Spikes
4. Rovers vs H-Flow
5. H-Flow vs Green Spikes
6. Rovers vs Redskins
Pool B
1. Sweet 16 vs Mahlaseli
2. LDF vs LMPS
3. LMPS vs Mahlaseli
4. Sweet 16 vs LDF
5. LDF vs Mahlaseli
6. Sweet 16 vs LMPS
Pool A
1. Green Spikes vs LMPS
2. Redskins vs Mahlaseli
3. Mahlaseli vs LMPS
4. Green Spikes vs Redskins
5. Redskins vs LMPS
6. Green Spikes vs Mahlaseli
Pool B
1. LDF vs Ben10
2. Rovers vs LUCT
3. LUCT vs Ben10
4. LDF vs Rovers
5. Rovers vs Ben10
6. LDF vs LUCT

A Division Second Round – North Stream
Saturday, 16/03/2019
76. Likila Utd vs Sky Battalion – BB Pitso Ground @13:30hrs
77. CCX vs Ketane – @LMPS Ground Hlotse
78. BB Warriors vs LU FC – @BB Pitso Ground
Sunday, 17/03/2019
79. Mzamane vs Lits’ilo – @Mokhotlong Pitso Ground
80. L. Polytechnic vs Lifofane – @LCS Ground Msu -Kickoffs: 15:30hrs

South Stream
Saturday, 16/03/2019_
76. Q. Highlanders vs Naughty Boys – @Qoaling Msu
77. Roma Boys vs L. Golden – @Ratjomose LDF
78. Q’sNek LMPS vs Qthng LMPS – @Melele Stadium
Sunday, 17/03/2019
79. Lijabatho vs Machokha – @Morija
80. Mangau vs Manonyane – @Nyakosoba – Kickoffs: 15:30hrs


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