LCA improves cricket participation

Women interim committee in collaboration with Lesotho Cricket Association has organized women in cricket national forum.

The event is scheduled for 27 April, 2019 at Kick4Life hotel.

Stakeholders of the forum include existing representations from clubs, Women in Sports, Lesotho National Olympic Committee, high schools and other sectors.

The aim of the meeting is to discuss the way forward concerning the activities that they will be engaged in for the development of the cricket in the country. Women are expected to increase the number of the women clubs in Lesotho.

IMG-20190412-WA0018 (2).jpg
Some of the participants of the introductory course in Mafeteng

According the requirement of the International Cricket Council (ICC) each team should have more than ten women teams in order to qualify for international events.

Again, ICC has mandated the countries to increase the number of the players, administrators, umpires and the cricket lovers.

In the meantime, the intention of the LCA is to make sure that cricket is played throughout the country including urban and rural areas.

LCA through its development programme held a one day introductory course in Mafeteng Leshoboro stadium on Friday 12 April.

Seven primary schools took place in this endervour which attracted 60 boys and girls. The participants were equipped on bowling, batting and fielding.

The schools that participated in this activity included, St. Gerald, St Johnson, Mafeteng LECSA, Children of Glory English Mediam, Kings Gate English Medium, Masterd Seed English Mediam and Matsepe Primary School.

Lastly, 10 beginner coaches were furnished with fundamentals of cricket in the same occasion.

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