Mrs Mohale hoists Lesotho flag

Lesotho Cricket Association (LCA) is represented in Namibia ICC Cricket Africa conference.

Mrs ‘Makhahlo Mohale in Basotho cultural regalia and her counterparts in Namibia

The LCA Vice President Mrs ‘Makhahlo Mohale participated in this event since April 26 and expected to return home after four days.

Mrs Mohale kick started the conference on a cricket day on the 26th and watched World Cup qualifiers games between Canada and United Kingdom and Namibia against Hongkong.

From there they were equipped with leadership skills.

“The conference has started and the main issue is to be empowered to be good leaders”, said Mrs Mohale.

She further indicated that they are expected to bring growth in cricket in Africa and globally.

As part of the conference Mrs Mohale shone and symbolized Lesotho culture in Namibia.

“This was marvelous, they even want to make it a must next year that we should show that we are Africans as this is cricket Africa,” continued the LCA Vice President ICC Africa.

She was also awarded due to the role she played in their group presentation in starting cricket for kids without existing facilities.

This conference took place simultaneously with the Women in Cricket National Forum which ran at Kick4Life hotel and conferences facilities in Maseru Lesotho on April 27.

The aim of the conference was to develop cricket and increase the participation of athletes, umpires, administrators and the sport lovers.

In this endevour the President of LCA Mr Sebajoa Sebajoa stressed that ICC is determined to see the growth of cricket in the world. Therefore, women should be involved tremendously in cricket throughout all sectors.

“As Lesotho we arranged to bring women together to share and come up with strategies to develop the mandate of the ICC”, said Sebajoa.

He wished the women a success in their endevour.

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