LCA provides kits for women Cricket teams

By: Ntova Ramokhele

Lesotho Cricket Association (LCA) committee shared a remarkable story about distributing equipment to Lesotho Cricket women teams on last Sunday at Lesotho Sports and Recreation Committee.

DSCN0730 (2)
Vice President Mrs Makhahlo Mohale hands over cricket equipment to one of the captains, while Star watches

The LAC has given away two bats, a ball and thigh pad per team to nine teams. “There is a promise that there will be more to add on what is already being bought”, said Ms Mothala Matjelo communication and Marketing officer.

The LCA committee called captains from each team to collect their equipments and made it vibrant that it is for the team players not an individual and it must be used effectively.

Ms Matjelo emphasized that this tournament will be the first one. It would employ T20 format.

The games will start from 18th to 19th May in different areas whereby each group will be playing two matches. There will be an award giving for the man of the match and overall winner.

Each player will be given a medal to show appreciation and to empower the players.

“Women should be involved in sport to make cricket well known. Sports speak to youth in the language they understand. This is a big objective for us, but we will get there one way or another”, said Mrs ‘Makhahlo Mohale the vice president of LCA.

“Let’s benefit from the little we have, it is true that we are lacking a complete set of equipment.” Mrs Mohale remarks.

The captain Rethabile Khasane from Maseru Wricked Snatchers team thanked LCA management by offering them the equipment.

“A little bit can go a long way, we really appreciate your effort and we promise to do our best. We wish to play outside the country with different countries; these donations will certainly help us get closer to our goal”, she continued.

“I have a conviction that you are going to make us proud. It is never easy to start but at the end of the day the effort made will worth it. Let’s work hand in hand to make women Cricket grows in the country”, the vice president concluded.

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