Linare Cricket Club, women national’s champions

Lesotho Cricket Association organized a successful two weekend’s women tournament in four districts in Lesotho.

Vice President hands over a golf shirt to a Mohaleshoek player on 26.05.19 (2)
LCA Vice President hands over a golf shirt to Thato Mahe

The tournament included Mohale’shoek, Maseru, Berea and Leribe clubs. First weekend teams had fun with cricket at their districts. Clubs that won at that level participated at the finals in Maseru at Mabathoana high school.

As a result Linare women Cricket Club grabbed the trophy and the gold medals. They beat Maseru Legends by three wickets.

Man of the match of this game was Reitumetse Mphuthing by collecting nine runs. She received a trophy as a token of appreciation for the work well done.

Therefore, Maseru Legends came second and Ajax from Berea snatched third position. They got silver and bronze medals respectively.

Lesotho Cricket Association President Mr Sebajoa Sebajoa thanked the participation of the women teams. He said players accepted the LCA proposal to come on board to play cricket.

“This is just the tip of the success, a lot of things are coming’, said the President.

He said the women interim committee worked tirelessly to prepare for this event. He passed his gratitude to all who participated to this achievement.

“We tried this endevour to see to it that women could play cricket and I am convinced that they can play and I am happy for that”, continued Sebajoa.

He said teams should not rest during winter because they will continue playing in August.

Sebajoa articulated that LCA is supported by International Cricket Council to finance their programmes including these games.

He emphasized that all cricketers should have more fun with cricket.

He appealed to the people who are chaotic during LCA activities to refrain from that acts immediately, because they are not accepted in sport.

The player of Mohales’hoek Cannibals Ms Thato Mahe was awarded with a nice golf shirt as an appreciation by LCA. Mahe performed tremendously for her team in bowling.

A 17-year – old from St Stephens’s high school Mahe showed that it is her first experience to play cricket at this level.

“I am happy to play cricket, I did not like it initially, but I am going to impress my colleagues because I want to be a star”, she expressed herself.

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