Free State Cricket Union CEO visits Lesotho

The Chief Executive Officer of Free State Cricket Union (FSCU) Mr Johan van Heerden came to Lesotho on July 13, 2019.

Mr Johan van Heerden

The aim of the visit was the follow up of the meeting which was held between Lesotho Cricket Association and FSCU.

Van Heerden felt obliged to tour Lesotho with the purpose of assessing the cricket facilities in the country specifically in the Capital town Maseru.

LCA guest was very impressed with the cricket pitch he saw at Lesotho High School. As a result this guaranteed that the team from Bloemfontein (VKB Knights) will come and play against Lesotho National team in September as planned.

“The most important to me is the energy I saw from the administrator and players”, said Van Heerden after watching women participants in training session.

These women were partaking in the two days course that started on July 12 and ended on 13.

He said he saw warm and energetic motivated people.

He attributed that in Africa and other countries transport and the facilities are major problems and Lesotho is not an exception.

“But we should overcome that and make cricket popular”, he continued.

He affirmed that whatever assistance they can afford they will give to Lesotho. They will bring VKB Knights team to do the clinic for more than 300 Basotho kids and play against Lesotho national team in September this year.

Lesotho Cricket Association had a fruitful preliminary meeting with FSCU on July 10 in Bloemfontein.

Lesotho delegation was headed by LCA President Mr Sebajoa Sebajoa, FSCU was represented by the Mr Van Heerden and Cricket Service Manager Mr Chippa Seleso.

LCA President showed that the aim of the tour was to table the proposal for the working relationships with FSCU.

“LCA aspires for FSCU to assist Lesotho cricket teams from junior level to the elites teams”. Sebajoa said. They need help on developing young cricketers including age groups 13, 15, 17 and 19 years.

He was anticipated that FSCU will also contribute in the growth of the senior teams. On top of that Lesotho would need a helping hand on the training of coaches and empires.

Van Heerden in principles blessed the Lesotho President submission. He said he would want to be given sometime to report to Cricket South Africa and Cricket Africa.

He bought the idea and promised to extend the helping hand. But he showed that there is no funding in place that could be afforded to LCA. He suggested that it would be a good thing that cricketers from Lesotho could be trained and study in Bloemfontein.

In the meantime Seleso confirmed that in principles proposal is accepted, but still to follow the red tape procedures. He affirmed that more meetings to come in future.

After the meeting Lesotho delegation had an opportunity to tour the Mangaung Oval. The facility is a big cricket ground with all cricketers needs. There are many offices with fully fleshed staffing.

Delegation learned that all age group teams have coaches which Lesotho could tap skills and knowledge from them in the near future.

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