Kente crowned first princess

By: Selengoane Lebaka

Miss Refiloe Kente ,18, was named First Princess Queen of Globe on Saturday at Girl Guides hall in the Miss Queen of Globe Lesotho competition.

IMG-20190714-WA0009 (2).jpg
Miss Refiloe Kente

Kente a student at Machabeng College scooped the First Princess slot (second spot) in her first national beauty pageant competition. She entered this competition because it encourages beauty with brains, self-awareness and self-love.

In an interview with Lesotho Sports Blizz Kente disclosed that even though she did not win the competition she always appreciates any position she obtains. She did confirm that she was disappointed because only winners are remembered but thankful because a second place is better than nothing.

The winner gets to represent the Lesotho in Thailand because it is an international beauty pageant.

“I was well prepared for this competition in every way but mentally. I am overly excited for winning the second spot as this was my first national pageant”, said Kente.

She continued that with pageantry there is a chance that one may have done everything to her best ability, but the other competitor was better.

Kente thinks that she did not perfect the walk.

She also revealed that she would love the beauty pageant industry grow in Lesotho. For instance, Miss Lesotho is the biggest pageant competition but it does not have that recognition, brand image and funding is still hard founded.

This is to say there is still a lot of room for improvement.

The First Princess uttered that after every pageant, whether a title holder or not she always looks for something bigger to pursue. Something in a form of a title of a higher ranking hence she is already gearing up for the next competition.

“I am a beauty pageant however hope to blossom into other areas of modeling. I want to win an international pageant competition. That entails working extremely hard and I am relishing the challenge”, concluded Kente.

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