Central Zone “A” snatch LISA championship

By: Lilemo Matlotlo

Central Zone A soccer team won a prestigious Lesotho Institutions Sports Association (LISA) soccer Cup following a massive 3-0 victory against Phuthiatsana High School on last Sunday at Lesotho High School.

IMG-20190813-WA0021 (2)
Central Zone A – Champions

Central Zone A head coach, Mr. Tumo Matoba told Lesotho Sports Blizz (LSB) that reaching the finals was not an easy journey as they were faced with financial difficulties.

“Really it was not an easy journey to reach this far. We had less money to meet our needs during preparations but with the least we had, we are now champions,” revealed Matoba.

Matoba said the victory belongs to the whole team and supporters, not only to him as a coach.

He added that the secret ingredient behind their victory was to deny the opponents to play their normal football by closing spaces, making it hard to be penetrated.

In his last words, Matoba wished his players success in their career endeavors.

“I like to see these players becoming successful in life and in their respective clubs as well as seeing them carrying on with this tremendous work as a team,” Matoba concluded.

It was an entertaining clash, Phuthiatsana came out with gun blazing in the opening minutes of the first half, knocking the ball around with threatening movements, opening spaces in the final third and creating clear scoring opportunities.

Nevertheless, Zone A was the first side to get an opener following the troublesome attacker Tebello Lethoko’s cracker outside the box giving his side a lead.

Afterwards, the tempo of the game dropped with much action occurring in the middle of the park failing to create scoring opportunities in neither side.

In the early minutes of the second half, Matoba charges came out firing, throw bodies forward with a bid to get a second goal.

As a result, Zone A’s striker, Relebohile Koloi got a loose ball one-on-one with keeper to give his team two goals advantage but Phuthiatsana’s shot-stopper, Rantoane Lehloenya made a fantastic save to deny him.

However, in the half an hour mark of the second stanza Phuthiatsana backline were caught napping and this time Koloi couldn’t miss, he gave his side two goals clear lead.

Two minutes later, Phuthiatsane’s denfence were once again caught vulnerable Lethoko just dribbled pass two defenders and took a shot which found Koloi well positioned, sealing 3-0 victory for Zone A.

The man of the match of the day Lethoko revealed to LSB that he had been dreaming to take part in LISA games.

“I am very happy today, this is a day that I have been waiting for hoping to take part on LISA games but my school (Rasetimela High School) disappointed me as they failed to qualify for these games after losing in second round while I was representing the national team in Eswatini,” he continues.

“It was so painful to hear that they lost but remained optimistic that I will work hard for any school which will select me in order to be a champion.”

Meanwhile the head coach from the losing side Mr Molefi Mputlane said he is happy on how his team performed though the failed to produce desired results.

“We worked hard to reach this stage and I thank my boys for their performance though we were hoping to get a trophy but things didn’t work accordingly,” he concluded.

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