FLR receives new kit worth M90, 000

Federation of Lesotho Rugby President Mr Fetang Selialia received kit from Econet Telecom Lesotho.

Ms Puleng Masoabi

In an event which took place at Lesotho Sport and Recreation Commission on August, 28 ETL handed over sports gear and equipment amounting to M90, 000.

The President thanked ETL for this move prior to the Sevens international tournament to be hosted by FLR on August 31 to September 1.

He said Econet has been assisting FLR from 2012 on different incidents.

Mr Selialia made an example of the tragedy where rugby players were involved in accident and others lost their lives in South Africa early this year.

The President emphasized that the team is prepared to host with all challenges experienced.

“Now games should go out of Maseru”, continued the President.

The countries that would compete in this endevour include Lesotho, Mozambigue, Borundi, Congo Brazzaville and Eswatini.

He concluded by commending the assistance of LSRC.

On the other side the General Secretary of FLR Mr Litšitso Motšeremeli said the tournament would be played at Mantšonyane on the above mentioned dates.

He said ETL sponsored FLR with kit and sport equipments.

“We have two attire for home and away games”, said Motšeremeli.

Their relationship started from 2012. He confirmed that tournament continues on 31 August and 1 September at Mantšonyane even though they have experienced challenges.

The ETL spokesperson Ms Puleng Masoabi indicated that last month Econet management promised to buy kit for FLR. Therefore, this is their fulfillment of their promises.

“I am happy that Sevens games will be on the mountainous area and most of the teams come from lowlands, as a result Lesotho should take advantage of that”, said Masoabi.

“One of the reasons we handed over these equipment is because FLR has manifested good governance”, she continued.

She said one of the players namely Thabo Makuta is an employee of ETL. Therefore, he has been released for preparations of the tournament.

She concluded that the rest of the equipment will be available in future. The total sponsorship amounts to M90, 000.

The awards of this event stand as follow:

The winning country will grab the big trophy. From there the first three teams will go away with gold, silver and bronze medals.

Young player of the tournament is expected to be awarded and then followed by the player who scored many tries and the player of the tournament.

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