COPA Coca-Cola unveils M300, 000 sponsorship

Lesotho Institutions Sports Association in collaboration with COPA Coca-Cola launched 2019 football tournament at Bhambatha Tšita Sports Arena on August 29, 2019.

12 Zones would be battling it up at Setsoto Stadium on Friday August, 30. Games would continue on Saturday and Sunday at Pitso Ground.

Mr Paseka Phafane
Mr Paseka Phafane

The event is sponsored by COPA Coca-Cola with the tune of M300, 000. This sponsorship includes team’s attire and the relevant errands.

LISA secretary general Mr Posholi Posholi said they have been in good relationship with COPA Coca-Cola for the longer period.

On behalf of LISA he welcomed new teams on board like Mokhotlong high school and others.

He requested cooperation from the team’s management. Posholi said the awards would not be the same to the last years’. Therefore, teachers should accept whatever the sponsor would provide for their Zones.

The representative of the Zones Mr Ntainyane Marabe thanked the sponsor. He indicated that this move is intended to contribute in the development of the young players.

He showed his gratitude to the coaches, Lesotho Football Association and all stakeholders. He said most of players for the national team Likuena have been produced by COPA Coca-Cola’s efforts.

Mr Paseka Phafane on behalf of the sponsor said most companies do not sponsor sports because they have accumulated a lot of business profits. The aim is to give back to the community and to develop the talents of the youth.

He said players are selected from this tournament to join others in South Africa and equipped with football skills.

“When they come back they would have changed their way of play including discipline”, said Phafane.

He confirmed that the sponsorship is M300, 000 which caters for teams’ transport, meals, kits and the winner of the tournament would go away with lucrative award.

Youth Officer Mr Mohaila Tseka on behalf of LeFA appreciated LISA achievement through COPA Coca-Cola contribution in Lesotho.

He said he would wish to see all youth categories to be given the opportunities to show case their football talent.

“As a result, it would make job easier for LeFA”, conclude Tseka.









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