Moru condemns age cheating

Lesotho Institutions Sport Association president Mr Caswell Moru hit hard on age swindle in LISA COPA Coca-cola games.

Mr Caswell Moru
Mr Caswell Moru

A lucrative boys football games kicked off today at Setsoto stadium in Maseru Lesotho.

It attracted 14 high schools teams from all districts except Qacha’s nek.

Amongst the five preliminary games that went on during the first day of the event, match between Bereng high school and Star Classic became the final before final.

Each team had an opportunity to win this game. But Bereng H.S managed to harass Star Classic two zero (2-0).

The results of other games which proceeded today at Setsoto stadium are as follow:

Star Classic high school 0-0 Life high school, Maseribane H.S 4-2 Paray H.S, Mokhotlong H.S 0-2 St. Paul H.S, Star Classic H.S 0-2 Bereng H.S and Maseribane H.S 0-0 Mapoteng H.S

On the launch of the tournament at Bambatha Sports Arena a day before kickoff Moru strongly discouraged the use of over aged players.

He stressed that the aim of the tournament is not competition but development.

“Schools should identify talent amongst the players and nature it”, said the president.

He said learners take more than 10 years at high schools because teachers are interested to the performance but not education of the said players.

“This is not supposed to be the case, we said we want to develop players until they play to our national team”, continued Moru.

He indicated that sponsors have warned them that they should develop not to compete. Therefore, he appealed to the school’s football administrators and teachers to refrain from this bad behaviour.

Moru said players should be less than 17 years old.

“But you will see tomorrow when the games start, you will notice players of more than 17 years old”, noted Moru.

He emphasized that Maseru schools highly involved themselves into age cheating.

He concluded that teachers attend coach’s course but they do not utilize the skills acquired.

Moru showed that in their proposal for these games to the sponsor they requested the winning team should to be awarded with the extra football attire and construction of the ground.

But since the last two seasons this has never materialized.

Therefore, he said it is very important to know from the beginning as to what teams would get at the end of the tournament.

He wished that the sponsor could have highlighted that in front of the teachers, but unfortunately it was not stated.

He thanked the Coca-Cola for supporting football in the country.

He said teachers can create job for these players if they help them to develop their talent.


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