Sport- systematic phenomenon

Lesotho National Olympic Committee and Lesotho Sport Recreation Commission are faced with great task to develop sport in Lesotho.

Mr Letsatsi Ntsibulane said this in the launch of COPA Coca-cola tournament which started on Friday and expected to end on Sunday.

Mr Letsatsi Ntsibulane.JPG
Mr Letsatsi Ntsibulane

He manifested his gratitude to COPA Coca-Cola as the main sponsor, Lesotho Football Association, Lesotho Institutions Sports Association and the teachers.

The tournament which reached its second day today Leqele high school beat Matsie one zero (1-0). Mokhotlong H.S 0-2 Thuto-ke-Leseli H.S. Bereng H.S 0-1 Life H.S. Paray H.S 0-0 Mapoteng H.S, Hlotse H.S 0-0 Matsie H.S.

Letsatsi indicated that teams struggle at international level.

“Sport is a systematic and a scientific phenomenon”, said Letsatsi speaking on behalf of the presidents of LNOC and LSRC.

He showed that gone are the days of playing by chance. Therefore, stakeholders should invest in sport.

“Physical education is very key in schools”, he continued.

Letsatsi further affirm that curriculum needs to be developed in a manner that it includes sports.

“We used to train children with passion, unaware that we create damage, now is the time that we change that malpractice”, stressed Ntsibulane.

He allude that a child should develop gradually until he takes part in the senior teams.

“We have passion, but what is important is to deal with sports scientifically”.

The teacher and sportsman said LNOC and LSRC are working together with the Ministry of Education to implant physical education which will promote the culture of people who enjoy playing.

Then if children are well prepared there would be no chance of age cheating in sport as was discouraged by LISA president Mr Moru.

He endorsed that sports is important for this nation because the bill of the Ministry of Health would be minimal.

Letsatsi concluded that sport is the only means to unite the nation, since other avenues have proved to be unsuccessful.

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