Coca- Cola Africa congratulates Lesotho government

Mr Nhlanhla Nyathi - Intergrated Marketing and Communication Officer Coca-cola Africa (2)
Mr Nhlanhla Nyathi

On behalf of the Coca-Cola Africa Integrated Marketing and Communications Officer Mr Nhlanhla Nyathi said he is impressed by the way Lesotho Institutions Sports Association organizing team performed.

He said they put more effort to COPA Coca-cola tournament as compared to other countries in the continent.

DSCN0839 (2)
Assistant Minister Mothepu Mahapa hands over the trophy to champions

Nyathi further said there is huge improvement in Lesotho and the level of performance players is very good.

“There is lot of talented people who would represent Lesotho in a near future”, he declared.

He indicated that last year there was a proper field (Setsoto Stadium) because it was booked on time, but this year Pitso Ground was used.

“We should emphasize that we play for professionalism. But all in all I was impressed by the attendance of the spectators and the interest they manifested.

“I like the government representation because Assistant Minister is always present in the finals of the tournament, in other country it’s not the same”, stressed Nyathi.

He said in other countries government officials do not attend such tournament.

On top of that the Assistant Minister showed a lot of interest as a person, which is highly motivating.

“I do not know the plan, but this tournament is critical to the company. But if it was up to me we would continue sponsoring”, he concluded.

In an exclusive interview with the Assistant Minister of Education and Training Honourable Mothepu Mahapa who always attend this tournament, he said he likes this tournament because it is played by children.

“The development of football should start at early age”, said Hon. Mahapa.

He showed that Maseribane high school’s players looked older than the champion’s.

Assistant Minister indicated that he would wish that under 17 LISA games be the ones sponsored by COPA Coca-cola.

“Our sponsors should sponsor young players’ activities and later teams that have well developed players”, continued Assistant Minister.

Maseru based Life high school grabbed COPA Coca-cola championship last weekend at Pitso Ground in Maseru Lesotho.

Life H.S harassed Maseribane H.S by two goals to one (2-1). Therefore, they were awarded with trophy, gold medals, track suits and expensive travelers’ bags.

Maseribane H.S became the second and got silver medals, track suits and sports bags.

Leqele snatched bronze at third position and got track suits and sports bags. While St. Paul high school at forth position were consolidated with sports bags and golf shirts.

This is the one of the lucrative events run by LISA and sponsored by Coca-Cola Africa.

The sponsorship this year was M300, 000 which included the attire for 12 Zones from all districts except Qacha’snek.

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