VKB Knights empower Lesotho young players

By: Lilemo Matlotlo.

South African cricket team VKB Knights Cricket Club landed in Lesotho on Saturday with the invitation of Lesotho Cricket Association (LCA) to empower local youngsters with cricket and also to play a friendly match with Lesotho senior national cricket team.

VKB Knights on the clinic session in Lesotho

Lesotho Cricket Association communication officer, Mr. Clifford Molefe confirmed to this publication that VKB Nights had arrived in the country, on Saturday and on Sunday they began to interact with the children, guiding them as to how they should play cricket.

“We were having children there, close to of 200, then the team (VKB Knights) alongside with the players and our facilitators taught them cricket.

“It was so joyous, children were happy and teaching their brothers Sesotho language. Thereafter, VKB Knights played with our national team around 13:00 hours, with Knights starting the game as batters,” Molefe continues.

“It was an enjoyable game. Knights collected 235 runs with only three players knocked out in the first inning. Meanwhile our home side secured 130 runs and all out in the second inning, meaning that we were defeated,” explained Molefe.

He added that Knights is a big side playing at a professional level in Free State; explaining that loosing against them that much, was not too bad.

Molefe said most important thing was the friendship they now have with VKB Knights Club under Free State Cricket Union (FSCU).

“We now have a long relationship with them (VKB Knights), whereby they are going to improve our cricket and on the 26th October we might be sending other children for training in Bloemfontein.

“Hey! Great things are coming which we will see between us (LCA) and FSCU because we are aiming to improve cricket sport in the country and empower children,” he said.

Molefe said they are eyeing forth to build a strong national cricket team with these relationships.
“We are looking forward to see our cricket being improved and our children empowered by this training so that in two to three years we can have a winning national team,” he concluded.

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