We build sustainable tourism, Chris

By: Lilemo Matlotlo

The founder of Lesotho Sky Mr. Christian “Chris” Schmidt, told Lesotho Sports Blizz earlier this week that they are looking at building sustainable tourism sector in Lesotho with cycling games and hosting other events like cycling tours.

Mr Christian “Chris” Schmidt

Through telephone interview with Chris on Monday he told LSB that they had a great success on a first stage of Lesotho Sky League which is underway at Roma and Malealea.

“We had a great success today. It was a very successful first stage. I am very happy with the numbers, because we had participants from 11 countries, represented in this year’s Lesotho Sky event.

“What this means is that our brand and Lesotho’s tourism brand are growing and more people are aware of amazing cycling in Lesotho.

“So this is a big and important part of our mission to promote tourism in Lesotho. Having a lot of different countries attending an event is very important than large numbers, “he continues.

“We are looking at building a sustainable tourism sector with cycling and to host other events, not only Lesotho Sky, but also bicycle tours,” he said.

Chris added that they have hosted forty countries in eight years since the cycling event was founded. He showed that it’s a great achievement and they will pave a way forward in building a tourism industry in Lesotho.

Today marks fourth day since 2019 Lesotho Sky league competition began on Monday at Roma.

So far three stages of this cycling race ranging to approximately a route of 160,1km long, with vertical climbing have been completed out of a possible total route of 328km long with 8913 vertical climbing set to be completed in six stages.

A Mosotho rider Phetetso Monese who paired with South African rider, Pieter Korkie, is the leading pair in this competition, though the twosome is categorized in Men Team.

The duo has this far collected a total time of 8:43:43 in three stages. With +21:24 time separating them at the top of the log standings with their rivals pair comprised of Basotho riders, namely Katleho Manasi and Eric Ramohanoe, who are at the second spot of log.

Manasi and Ramohanoe are also categorized in Men Team and they have collected a total time of 9:05:07 this far.

In a nutshell, there are about 43 participants from 11 countries in this competition, competing under different categories which are: Sole men, Men Team, Sole Women, Women Team and Mixed Team.

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