LMPS music competition on track

By: Letsielo Makhele

Lesotho Mounted Police Service (LMPS) choirs will be at loggerhead in the choral music competition at Maseru Prep English Medium School, Maseru on September 29, 2019.

The organizer Inspector Phakiso Seqholo said that preparing for this competition is not very easy. They have to couple preparations and police job at the same time.

Supt. Mpiti Mopeli

“We have 12 choirs that will be competing in this event from all over the country. In Maseru district we have few choirs even though Police Training College (PTC) will not partake. That means Police Headquarters and Maseru Urban will take part,” said Insp. Seqholo.

Superintendent Mpiti Mopeli LMPS Public Relations Officer explained that everything is ready. The venue, choirs and songs adjudicators are in place.

”Last year the entrance was afforded by supply of sanitary towels, our purpose was to extend the helping hand to the police orphans. On Sunday we will be charging M20.00 for adults and M10.00 for children. The purpose is not profit”, Supt. Mpiti explained.

“We would like to invite all Basotho to attend this competition as it will be different compared to last year’s. I would like to appeal to all Basotho that they should come without the usage of alcoholic drinks”, he continued.

LMPS spokesperson showed that alcoholic abuse ruin good intentions most of the time.

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