Monese’s pair too close to crown

By: Lilemo Matlotlo

A Mosotho rider Phetetso Monese and South African rider Pieter Korkie who paired together for Lesotho 2019 Sky League campaign are too close to be crowned champions.

This duo has been showing a continuous dominance since the cycling competition began on Monday at Roma and on Wednesday at Malealea.

Phetetso and Korkie have fallen into the second spot of Lesotho 2019 Sky League campaign just once at stage 1.

Meanwhile they have dominated the rest of other three stages so far. Now with only two stages remaining it seems as if the duo will be victorious at the end.

The twosome is currently at the top of log standings with a total time collection of 11:32:44 in four respective stages.

Monese’s pair is categorized in Men Team and they have extended a gap to +29:43 time between them at a top spot and their rival pair on second position of the log.

Katleho Manasi and Eric Ramohanoe who hold Lesotho’s flag is other promising pair under Men Team category which is likely to be crowned champions in this campaign.

The duo has been exerting pressure to Monese’s leading pair in numerous occasions. And they have been able to secure a top position once, surfaced on second spot three times since the league began.

In totality, Manasi and Ramohanoe have together collected a time of 12:02:27 in four respective stages.

In an interview with the founder of Lesotho Sky, Mr. Christian “Chris” Schmidt this morning, he told Lesotho Sports Blizz that tomorrow is the final day and the best riders will be celebrated.

“In the finals tomorrow will be a highlight of the whole season and we look forward to celebrate our best riders,” he explained.

Chris said each category in this cycling race is going to have a champion and riders from 1st to 3rd position will get prize monies.

He concluded that the total prize for this year’s competition is about M6000, 00.

Generaly there are about 43 participants from 11 countries in this competition. They compete under different categories namely Sole men, Men Team, Sole Women, Women Team and Mixed Team.

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