Sekhoane saves Likuena

The Lesotho national team goal keeper Moerane Sekhoane protected Lesotho side during critical times of the friendly against Malawi.

IMG_20191013_173552 (2).jpg
Likuena and Malawi coaches

This match took place in Lesotho on October 13, 2019. Sekhoane portrayed his capability by denying visitors a penalty.

From there he saved a couple of balls which could have allowed a win for Malawi.

“We are all happy for Sekhoane he showed some massive service he got balls in the right channels, let alone that it was his first cap in the national team”, commented the Lesotho head coach Mr Thabo Senong.

The coach further said:

“We have to go back and have a debriefing and a postmortem about the performance of our team today and the possibilities of the Zimbabwean team”.

He indicated that the response of players in training and their mental readiness will determine the team that will play against Zimbabwe on October 20 in Lesotho.

“I am happy that two keepers that were in injury would be back in training session, as a result there would be three goal keepers and hence the competition would be high. Therefore it is difficult for now to say who is going to play or not”, said Senong.

He showed that the mentality not to lose games is improving in his team.

The Malawi coach said he is grateful to have had the opportunity to play against Lesotho.

“We have seen areas that we did not do well, therefore we will work on them at home”, said Mr Meck Mwase.

“This was our strongest squad that we have”, He concluded.

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