Supporters boo match officials

By: Lilemo Matlotlo

Bantu and Likhopo Football Clubs’ supporters booed match officials following Bantu’s controversial 2-1 triumph to Likhopo in premier league clash at Setsoto Stadium on Tuesday.

The boo came after a referee Ms. Nteboheleng Setoko awarded Bantu a goal following Litšepe Marabe’s strike; which hit the left upright and went to right upright before coming back to the pitch.

That is when Likhopo’s fans began to strongly condemn Ms. Setoko and her assistants’ decision, saying the ball did not cross over the goal line.

One of Likhopo’s faithful supporters was heard shouting from the stand in Sesotho saying “ha e’a ja! (It is not a goal!).

Thereafter, the outcry escalated and it was Bantu’s supporters this time, refuting a referee controversial call for free kick in favuor of Likhopo, just on the edge of the box.

Likhopo’s Santi Ntšohi stepped up to covert a sport kick, making it 1-1.

Situation worsened in the dying minutes of the game as referee made call for offside disallowing  Bantu’s goal after Hlaole Monkhe caused an own goal.

Prior to that call, A Matšo Matebele (Bantu) supporters stood up and shouted to the referee saying the gaming is getting out of her hands.

Moreover, one of Bantu’s strikers from the bench did not hide his dismay over referee’s decision.

He was quoted saying “it’s over with the local football, if an own goal can be an offside”.

However, Thabo Lesaoana was a hero of the day for Bantu, giving his side a late winner as he tapped it in, following a world-class pass from Hlompho Kalake.

After the game Bantu FC head Coach Mr. Bob Mafoso said he is not happy on how match officials handled the game. He however pleaded not to delve into details of referees’ decision which he is not happy about.

On the other head Likhopo head coach, Mr. Halemakale Mahlaha said everyone has blunders at his or her work. So he does not have any problem on how match officials conducted the game.

“I have nothing to say. Everyone has blunders in life or at work. So even referees make mistakes and I do not have problem with that,” He said.

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