Secker’s resignation in limbo

By: Lilemo Matlotlo

It was reported yesterday that Lioli Football Club head coach Mr Thabile Secker has resigned in his post.

But in the meantime things sound to have been   U-turned, as the club’s communication officer revealed that Secker’s resignation is yet to be finalized.

On Thursday afternoon Lioli FC through its Facebook official page issued statement concerning Secker’s resignation.

The statement titled “Important Notice” reads:

“Lioli Football Club wishes to inform the supporters that head coach Thabile Secker has tendered his immediate resignation from the club.

“In the interim, assistant coach Soai Mosola will be leading #TseNala until the team makes another announcement in due course”.

On Thursday evening  communication officer of Tse Nala (Lioli FC) Mr Mokhole Lehloesa confirmed to this publication the departure of Secker from his coaching post.

He however said he cannot disclose details led to Secker’s departure because he did not get chance to view his resignation letter in order to see what it entailed.

In telephonic interview with Lehloesa today, he told Lesotho Sports Blizz that Secker briefly said in his letter, he resign because there are some of things done in the team which he is unhappy about.

He further said Secker is set to meet with Lioli FC committee early next week to voice out his concerns.

Lehloesa explained that it would depend on the outcomes of the negotiations of two parties (Secker and the club’s committee) whether Secker  stays as  head coach of Lioli FC.

He indicated that if the dispute between Secker and Lioli FC committee is resolved amicably, Secker will remain the club’s head coach. He  added that when the negations fail to bear good fruits Secker will leave Lioli FC.

Lehloesa said he suspects the motive behind Secker’s resignation might be caused by the behavior of the senior players who refuse to comply with his directives.

In an exclusive telephonic interview with outgoing coach, he revealed to LSB that he is no longer Lioli FC coach.

Secker clarified that there were some issues which were not going well within the club, hence he opted to quit.

He however refused to disclose those issues saying are personal and might spoil his good relations with the club.

He went on to say he is currently jobless and is intending to take a break from his coaching career for the rest of this season.

Secker said if he can take an instant move of leading new club now, he might do blunders in his coaching task and might regret it on the later stage.

He admitted that he will meet Lioli FC management committee next week and if they smoke peace pipe over their differences, he will like to take over again as Tse Nala head coach.

Secker joined Tse Nala (Lioli FC) earlier this year, after he guarded Matlama FC to 2018/2019 league title.

With Secker now quitting Tse Nala, he at least managed to add 2019 Econet Soccer Spectacular title in their trophy cabinet.

He leaves Lioli FC on position eight of 2019/2020’s Econet Premier League, with a collection of eight points, after they played six games. Lioli won two, lost two and drew two games.

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