ICC Africa and CSA in Lesotho

  On Monday the 4th of November 5, 2019 Lesotho Cricket Association was graced by the presence of visitors from ICC Africa Region and Cricket South Africa.

ICC, CSA and LCA inspect Lesotho high school oval

The delegation was comprised of the following:

  1. Patricia Kambarami (Development Manager, ICC Africa Region)
  2. Kuben Pillay( Finance and Data Officer, ICC Africa)
  3. Justine Ligyalingi (Development Officer, ICC Africa)
  4. Edward Khoza( Service Manager, Cricket South Africa)

The purpose of the visit included the proposal of the LCA to forge relationships with Free State Cricket Union, to help LCA to take cricket to the next level, to have an idea on the contribution of the government of Lesotho in developing the sport in the country.

He crew had a meeting with the representation of the government, the Lesotho Sports and Recreation and LCA board. They checked the facilities used by LCA in Maseru, including Lesotho high school oval.

From there they went to Maseru Private Academy and had a meeting with the school management.

Maseru Private Academy is one of the schools that their students are involved in cricket activities. Recently, they included four of their young players who participated in mini cricket festival in Bloemfontein in South Africa.

The total of players was 16, which catered for eight girls and eight boys. This trip was organized by the LCA.

“This visit has been fruitful to the Lesotho nation at large. If Mosotho develops in cricket it means growth to Basotho”, said the President of LCA Mr Sebajoa.


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