Likuena aspires for young blood, Senong

Many things have been uttered concerning the performance of the national football team Likuena.

Football lovers believe that young players could contribute tremendously in the team. But others say the national head coach Mr Thabo Senong should go around where international warriors from Lesotho take part to monitor their performance.

IMG-20191121-WA0006 (2)
Mr Thabo Senong, Likuena head coach

But there is also a feeling that coach needs to call all players to Lesotho so that he will be able to pick the best and be included to Likuena.

The question regarding this issue calls for the financial aspects. Others asked whether Lesotho would be in a position to cater for that effort.

Lesotho Sports Blizz approached the national coach Senong about Likuena performance, specifically Lesotho participation in Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers.

“We are drawn in a very tough group, we tried everything to get maximum points against Siera Lione but luck was not on our side as we controlled the game”, said Senong.

Coach Senong indicated that Nigeria was going to be a tough one because his players lacked experience to manage psychological demands of that big match.

“I am still very proud of the Likuena for the brave performance.  We still have four matches and we are hoping to get six points in our home games and try to get a draw against Nigeria or Benin away.

“We just need two competitive friendly matches in March 2020 FiFa break”, continued the coach.

He stressed that they introduced younger players in their setup because their new game model requires them to play with speed, good intensity, intelligence and mobility.

Senong said the main recruitment criteria at Likuena are players’ good character, coachable, tactical, flexibility and game intelligence.

“Unfortunately we have to make tough calls and bring the players that will suit any ambitious team that wants to succeed. The door will always be opened for any disciplined player that is training or performing well for respective clubs”, concluded head coach.

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