LBA increases officials

IMG-20200105-WA0007 (2)
Referees’ course participants 

Lesotho Basketball Association hosted two days referees’ course at Lesotho National Olympic Committee premises last weekend.

The aim of the course was to develop referees and other officials.

According to the LBA public relations officer Mr Hopolang Hoala stressed that males and females participated in this important endevour.

Trainers and participants were drawn from Lesotho.

“This was an entry level course. The mission was to equip individuals with skills since there are more information on changing rules and regulations about the game”, said Hoala.

Hoala showed that ethics and conduct were emphasized too.

 “I think the trainers’ work will be noticeable when officials get to the field”, continued PRO.

He said expectation is to increase the number of officials in Lesotho.

Another course will take place towards this month end that would produce quality officials for the Maseru 2020 Region 5 games to be hosted in Lesotho by December.

Hoala concluded that they will host the two day tournament during next week named back to school.

The purpose of this tournament is to help students with their needs as far as the sport is concerned.

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