Charity tourney scheduled next week

IMG-20200112-WA0019 (2)
Tornado 98ers Basketball Club

The annual back to school basketball charity tournament will be played on January 17 to 19, 2020 at Lehakoe Recreational Center in Maseru.

This tournament was supposed to have played on 11 and 12 this month, but it did take off due to reasons known to the organizers.

“Tournament was postponed due to the fact that teams did not register for it”, said Basketball public relations officer Mr Hopolang Hoala.

Mr Hopolang Hoala

Hoala urged teams to register and pay M500 for registration fee as soon as possible.

The winners of this tournament which is opened for men and women would scoop M2000 and runner up grabs M800 consolation prize.

Hoala depicted that this endevour is sponsored but the sponsorship would be unveiled next week.

In conclusion the PRO said the national basketball league will no longer resume this coming weekend (17th) but on January 31.

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