LCA prepares national team

Lesotho Cricket Association has embarked on national team preparations for the game to be played in Malawi by May this year.

LCA President Mr Sebajoa Sebajoa

According the president of LCA Mr Sebajoa Sebajoa, they have selected 30 players who would kick start the training on the 2nd February, 2020 at Lesotho high school, but after that they will continue training at Sethaleng sa Mopapa.

“This team would be trimmed to 14 final players who will represent Lesotho in Malawi”, said Sebajoa.

Sebajoa said the training will proceed on Saturdays and Sundays after next weekend. There would be sessions that will take place through friendly games in Lesotho and in the Republic of South Africa.

The team is going to be divided into two, when team A has gone outside the country team B would be in Lesotho for other activities elaborated LCA President.

“In South Africa the team will play against the team that would have been prepared by the Free State Cricket Union. The team will also use the training facilities in Bloemfontein.

Sebajoa stressed that their partnership with FSCU is at an advanced stage that is why he is adamant that they would play a major role in developing the national team with all expertise they possess.

IMG-20200125-WA0016 (2)
Some of players that will participate in the training sessions. meeting LCA management for briefing

LCA concluded that this year there is no ladies international activity, but they will also been given an opportunity to train and play in Bloemfontein as well in future.

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