PHQ elects new committee

The newly International Police Association (IPA) elected chairperson of the Police headquarters district committee Mr Mofoka Sekhonyana said his district should be exemplary.

Mr Mofoka Sekhonyana

He said this after the general meeting which was held at police officers mess in Maseru on January 31, 2020.

In an inclusive interview Sekhonyana told Lesotho Sports Blizz that members of IPA in PHQ district have to be engaged in cleaning campaigns.

“Our membership should maintain cleanliness particularly at Police headquarters and other identified places”, said the chairperson.

Sekhonyana showed that the president of IPA-Lesotho Section is the Commissioner of Police and based at Police headquarters.

As a result Commissioner’s visitors should not be disappointed by the surroundings of PHQ.

He emphasized on members to maintain discipline at all times because they are still police officers.

From there the annual action plan was discussed and finalized. It included social responsibility, educational tours and entertainment activities that would be performed during this year.

Some of PHQ IPA newly elected committee members

Other events that members would be engaged in include crime prevention and roadblocks around Maseru district.

A committee of nine members was elected and stood thus:

Chairperson: Mr Mofoka Sekhonyana

Deputy Chairperson: Mr Clifford Molefe

Secretary: Mrs ‘Mamatekane Ntlamelle

Vice Secretary: Nolinda Ndaba

Treasurer: Mrs ‘Mareabetsoe Mofoka


Mr Noko Nyenye

Mrs ‘Mabatho Chonelanga

Mr Tšepo Selieane

Mr Tankiso Thipane

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