IPA members clean Police headquarters

International Police Association – Police headquarters district conducted a successful cleaning campaign at Police headquarters surroundings on Friday in Maseru Lesotho.

Some of the PHQ district member on cleaning campaign 

The district Secretary Mrs ‘Mamatekane Ntlamelle was so impressed with the attendance of the members to make this effort a success.

She said the aim of cleaning PHQ campus is because they receive many clients for different services.

Secondly, the Commissioner of Police visitors come to see him frequently; therefore the surrounding should look tidy at all times.

“We started at 09:00  to 12:00 hrs and members attended adequately”, said Ntlamelle.

She said this activity emanated from their 2020/21 action plan.

“As IPA members it is our responsibility to see to it that police headquarters’ campus is tidy”, concluded the secretary.

From there they will be engaged into traffic duties on February 14 at Ha Thetsane. They will invite Special Operations Unit (SOU) police to assist them.

This endevour would start from 06:00 to 12:00 hrs on the mentioned date. The purpose would be to curb the traffic offences that have been experienced recently amongst motorists along Thetsane roads.

Ntlamelle showed that the activity is the helping hand to their colleagues who are stationed at Thetsane Police Post in the southern side of Maseru.

“Í was very happy and impressed to see IPA members cleaning the PHQ surroundings”, said the Lesotho Mounted Police Service public relations officer Superintendent Mpiti Mopeli.

Work was performed as planned

Supt. Mopeli said he would also love to be part of this endevour because he is the member of IPA and based at PHQ, but he could not make it due to office commitments.

“I really recognize the presence of IPA in the Lesotho Mounted Police Service”, concluded Supt. Mopeli.

Members proceeded to officers’ mess for socialization purpose after the cleaning campaign. In fact entertainment is part and parcel of IPA.

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