Poetry and drama awards blossom

Sotho Kids and Phuthiatsana Theatre will present poetry and drama awards on April 25, 2020 at Mazenod high school.

This is the collaboration of Sotho Kids and Phuthiatsana Theatre to tap talent from the youth.

IMG-20200210-WA0054 (2)
Some of actors in action

The Director of Phuthiatsana Theatre Mr Toka Ralikhomo told Lesotho Sports Blizz that the aim of the awards is to motivate developing artist in Lesotho.

He said they build oneness in the industry and exposing talents.

“As for now I am not in the position to tell how many schools or clubs will be participating until they have registered”, said Ralikhomo.

Ralikhomo showed that at the moment there is no school or societal theatre club that has registered.

“But I am still expecting and believing that they will come and register”, he continued.

When asked whether they have sponsors, he said they do not have one.

“Humbly we ask for any form of sponsorship, for example, in form of ideas, financially and others”, indicated Ralikhomo.

He said people or institutions can sponsor them with medals and trophies. He confirmed that  every gender is welcomed.



This is the third time they host the event of this nature.

“Last time whereby we hosted at Mahlabatheng high school was not successful as we hoped”, he said Ralikhomo.

“Now we promise that this one will be the big one and very successful. We just need support from Basotho companies and individuals”.

Schools and societal theatre clubs have been invited to register from all districts of Lesotho.   The theme of the awards is vision 2020.

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