Lesotho cricket national team performs well

Lesotho cricket national team preparations for the coming tournament to be hosted in Stellenbosch, South Africa in April this year is progressing well.

Mr Martin Flen

The team started training in February 2020 whereby they undergo training on weekends at Lesotho high school oval.

From there a couple of friendly games took place in Lesotho and South Africa.

Since friendlies kicked off the national team showed brighter improvement.

Last weekend two friendly games took place at Lesotho and Ficksburg on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

National team beat Maseru United XI on Saturday with five wickets. While on the following day (Sunday) they grilled Super Kings at Ficksburg with 44 runs.

In an exclusive interview with Lesotho coach Mr Theko Mahloane he told Lesotho Sports Blizz that friendly games helped the boys a lot.

He said they started with physical and tactical training. But friendlies contributed a lot in their team.

“I am very happy, the wining consecutively shows that we have a good team that is prepared to compete at any level.

“But there is still room for improvement, even players are aware of that”, continued Mahloane.

He said they will have more friendly games in future.

After Sunday’s game in Ficksburg other Lesotho coach Mr Ralintši Lemphane said they had a good game which gave them enough challenge.

They managed to secure the score that they set for themselves of 180 runs. They collected 182 for four (182/4) with 25 overs, while the opponents grabbed 138 for 6 (138/6) with 25 overs too.

Lemphane said the first overs of his team became a challenge because the opponent’s first batsman was able to score short balls, but after he was knocked out they were able to do what they liked best.

Mr Ralints’i Lemphane 

“I have a good team, losing has been a history to my team, I am prepared to face any tournament to come”, explain Lemphane.

Next Sunday the national team will be hosted by Mangaung Cricket Association XI (MCA XI) in Bloemfontein.

Super Kings’ captain Mr Martin Flen told LSB that they enjoyed the game with Lesotho side.

“We missed much on the singles, which the opponents capitalized on them”, said Flen.

He said the opponents took singles very well and also their fielding was good and bating was perfect. He wished them good luck in their coming tournament.

He concluded that the would like to play again against the Lesotho national team in future.

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