Lesotho National Press Release – COVID -19




                                                  EIGHT REPORTED SUSPECT CASES     

The National Emergency Command Centre (NECC) informs the public that to date there are still only eight suspected cases of Corona Virus (Covid-19) in Lesotho whose samples have been taken to South Africa for testing. The Ministry of Health is awaiting the results from the specialised laboratory in South Africa.

The suspects are under close observation by health professionals and there are no complications reported.

The 8th suspect passed on and investigations are underway to determine to the cause of the death.

The fact that there are still no confirmed cases of Covid-19 puts Lesotho at an advantage of remaining Corona Virus free if people could continue to adhere to World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Government of Lesotho safety protocols.

People who show symptoms of headache, coughing, dry throat, sneezing, and have been living with suspects or have been to affected countries should go to health centres and provide truthful information or history to enable health workers and doctors to give them appropriate assistance.

The public is once again advised to refer any Covid-19 questions to the Ministry of Health Call Centre 80032020, and a Whatsap number which is 66100100 so as to get correct information to avoid myths and fake news that is intended to confuse people and to cause unnecessary fear amongst the nation.

So far staying at home remains the only viable measure that could assist towards minimising the spread of the disease. As staying at home promotes social distancing.

Adherence to rules and regulations prescribed by government will save Lesotho from the disease, as it happened in China.

Meanwhile, the Public is urged to acquire enough supplies to minimise frequent visits to the shops to minimise the reported influx into towns as people are taking advantage of opened grocery stores.

Chiefs are called upon to identify people who arrived in their villages from the Republic of South Africa a few days before the national lockdown and those who crossed illegally into the country without being screened should go to health facilities for screening.

The public is further reminded that movement across all the closed border posts will remain restricted until further notice. Only essential goods and services are allowed to cross into Lesotho and vice versa.

Citizens are encouraged to remain vigilant and maintain health safety guidelines to minimise the spread of the virus. That is, wash hands with soap and running water, observe coughing and sneezing etiquette and follow quarantine measures.

For further details:

Mr. Ramakhula Ramakhula

6302 2457

1 thought on “Lesotho National Press Release – COVID -19

  1. Thank you for the information, I wish to commend on the way the information is passed to Basotho people. So educational and informative. Rea leboha


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