IPA – Lesotho bequeath sanitizer – Fight COVID 19

This week Lesotho Section – International Police Association provided sanitizer to all its membership in the country.

IMG-20200525-WA0033 (2)
Letona la Bophelo

IPA spent R21, 000 to buy this highly needed antiseptic during this critical time when cases of COVID 19 are increasing in the country and worldwide.

The Lesotho section secretary general Mr. Thato Mokoteli told Lesotho Sports Blizz that this effort was contribution of the association towards the prevention of COVID 19.

“Taking up call from our government and international organizations like WHO, we felt obliged to support our membership with sanitizer”, said Mokoteli.

Mokoteli showed that IPA is expecting this sanitizer to be used by household members, specifically sensitizing children.

He further said members should take precautions as prescribed by WHO and endorsed by the government agencies especially Ministry of Health, and refrain from normal practices of social gatherings.

Police Headquarters IPA Regional Chairperson Mr Khojane Lebeoana said this was the initiative of the regions and districts.

“We are grateful that National Executive Committee responded positively to our request”, said Lebeoana.

He said when they approached NEC initially they wanted masks, but it was discovered that many companies have extended their hand to that effect. Therefore, they agreed that what is needed most is sanitizer.

The chairperson stressed that each member managed to get one with the purpose to fight against Corona virus.

According to the Ministry of Health 419 confirmed cases of Corona virus have been reported to date and nine deaths, 7432 specimens have been tested.

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