Matlama FC appeal case postponed

Matlama Football Club’s appeal case which was supposed to kick off on Friday (14.08.2020) was postponed on the grounds that Matlama FC submitted a request of the postponement at the last minutes.

IMG-20200814-WA0027 (2)
Mr Mokhosi Mohapi

Even though, no specific time frame is stipulated by law, but it should be reasonable.

“No time frame but it should be sensible. For instance the panel was already here when the request to postpone was submitted, this in spite the fact that Matlama knew days ago”, stated Lesotho Football Association secretary general Mr Mokhosi Mohapi.

Mohapi said Matlama FC signed for the letter that informed them that there would be no postponement.

After the postponement of the case, LeFA issued the following statement:

Following a five minutes adjournment, for the Appeals Board to address itself on the postponement request.

The Board having considered all presentations, the Board is of the view that the time given to the appellant was sufficient to make their appearance, the Board have therefore come to the conclusion that the appellant is entitled to present its appeal to the best that it can, whether through its own officials or  legal representation.

The board is aware that Matlama has not been able to secure the services of Mr Mosotho to represent them and has a right in law to have a representative of their choice. The matter requires that they be given an opportunity to be represented. However the right is not absolute.

The board is of the view that the matter be postponed, and that the appellant be melted in cost to the amount M3, 000 for the postponement covering the cost for the day.

Therefore the matter is postponed but the matter should be heard soonest.

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