LeFA statement

The President of DIFA Mafeteng and his office will embark on an educational tour throughout their zones starting this Saturday (August 22) to educate the clubs on the Covid-19 Relief Fund that the clubs will be receiving from the Lesotho Football Association.

The LeFA President Advocate Salemane Phafane (KC), calls on all the District Football Association to follow suit and embark on educational programmes to help the clubs on information regarding the Covid-19 financial assistance from the football mother body.

Schedule of meetings by DIFA Mafeteng:

Saturday 10:00hrs
Makeneng  ka lihlopha tsena :
Dynamos, Lekoatsa Ladies, Konote Ladies, Linotsing Ladies, Tsibane , Makena, Muls le Likhoele Ladies

Ka 14:00hrs ebe kopano Motsekuoa le lihlopha tsena:
Diamond City, Tsoaing Utd, Arcadia, Lilala, Killers le Mathula.

Sunday 23rd  hoseng ka 10:00hrs ebe Ts’akholo ka lihlopha tsena:
Khoro, Tsakholo Highlanders , Bolumatau, Moeletsi, Khotsong Stars, Qalabane Stars , Lions , Van Rooyen Utd le Qibing

Ka 14:00hrs ke Leshoboro ka lihlopha tsena:
Mft Stars , Pubs , Holy Chiefs, Real Touch, Thabaneng Utd, Jr Nboys , Fc Eagles , Cf Rydo, Mft sistas.


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