Lesotho young people advance their opinions

Banoele Mokhosi

A 16-year-old boy Lebohang Lephoto from Roma Maphotong was so impressed by the collaboration of UNICEF and MISA-Lesotho to initiate U REPORT project for the young people of Lesotho to pass developmental messages through SMS and Facebook platforms.

Lephoto who was one of the participants during the first day (11.09.2020) of two-day workshop and a student at Machabeng International School in Maseru in S5 class (Form E) said it was his first time to attend such event.

“It was incredible, we can now raise our voices and opinions”, said Lephoto.

“We feel it should happen in our lives so that we could influence policies that should be in place”.

He showed that it was amazing platform for him and his buddies.

“I am going to advice others to join us in future”, he continued.

He indicated that he likes political issues because they can change everything in the country. They can make policies and laws that can change Lesotho to the betterment.

“Politicians are the key people to enforce the laws such as stoppage of underage marriage which is a big problem in the country”, he concluded.

In the meantime, a 13-year-old girl Banoelo Mokhosi also from Roma Ha Tsunyane and a student in grade nine at St. Mary’s High School expressed her content.

“I feel more confident now because there are people who care about children, they make us feel free to tell our stories so that we can help other children who suffer”, said Mokhosi.

She pointed that she like sports, environmental and climate change issues and she would tell her parents that it was nice meeting other kids and make new friends.

“It has been a long time without interacting with other kids and it was nice and friendly, we understood what was said by our facilitators”, she stressed.

MISA-Lesotho National Director Mr. Lekhetho Ntsukunyane stated that he was overwhelmed by the participation of the young people in the U REPORT endevour. They attended with large numbers.

“Children came as far as Roma with special transport and brought their friends who did not even register before, but we accommodated all of them with COVID 19 precautionary measures in mind”, said Ntsukunyane.

He stressed that others were confused and came during unscheduled times, but they were also absorbed.

Finally, he passed his gratitude to the parents who released their children to participate in U REPORT and make this endevour a success.

The project which is sponsored by the UNICEF Lesotho is expected to cover 10 districts of Lesotho, but it started from Maseru.  

Lebohang Lephoto

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